Monthly Archives: January 2014

I’m still alive y’all


Every time I log into the email account connected to the blog and start dusting off the cobwebs, I find so many emails that I could have, should have replied to. My apologies for this. I had another baby, you see, so I am a bit swept off my feet.

So this is how it panned out for me in 2013. In January, I found out I was expecting, and I was all like

Within days, I received the worst annual review of my career (something about my lack of focus, blah blah blah, which might weirdly have something to do with, you know, how I’d just been told my child had a terminal condition) and within a month Mr Zeus got fired from his job with the reason being given as “Just Because” and I was all like

So things were very, very upsetting, stressful and shitty for months and months. They’ve not got spectacularly better since, but I am a bit pressed for time so I will very soon tell you all about my adventures in Crazy Hormonal Pregnancy With Ridiculous Amounts of Stress and A Very Bad Bout of Depression Land.

Love and  a  happy 2014!