I went through a truly Greek rite of passage a few weeks ago and crashed my car. As of late I am exploring some job options which takes me to Maroussi a few times a week before my ‘day job’ hours kick in. It’s a bit crappy that I have to go all that way as with my driving it takes me around 40 minutes each way, but beggars can’t be choosers in this economy. And anyway, I at last decided to leave my job and am doing something about that, but that’s a story for another post.

One particular day, I was driving back from Maroussi when I found myself in a tunnel on the highway. To cut a long story short, I got spooked by the actions of another driver and overcompensated on the wheel, causing me to run into the tunnel wall and scrape alongside it, screaming and trying to work out what happened at the same time. When I regained control of the car, I pulled over the first chance I got. The nice thing was that several other cars pulled up to check if I was okay. From behind, I must have looked like I was on a suicide mission, or had fainted at the wheel or something.

Luckily I didn’t cause any damage to anyone else. And even more luckily the little man wasn’t in the car with me. I was not hurt at all and the major damage to the car were dents, scraped paintwork and a lost wing mirror.

And then in a stroke of genius I decided to make up a grand story for Mr Zeus to save my own embarrassment of not being careful enough. It went something like this:

Me: I crashed the car
Mr Zeus: Okay, how?
Me: This guy just bashed into me as I was getting on the motorway! He took my mirror off and everything
Mr Zeus: Did he stop to give you his details?
Me: No, he just took off.

This is quite unusual in Greece and caused Mr Zeus concern so he went to check the car and came back grave faced.

Mr Zeus: That guy was on a mission to kill you or something
Me: Tell me about it!
Mr Zeus: I’m going to the police. CCTV must have caught him if you were getting on the highway.
Me: ….

Mr Zeus left and called me a few moments later from the insurance brokers, and at that point I had to come clean and admit it was all my fault. Which was a billion times worse than just having admitted it in the first place. See what I mean about not acting like myself lately? I don’t know what possessed me to tell such a fancy lie!

Anyway, long story short is I am still driving to Maroussi every few days, without one wing mirror, and trying to ignore the hefty sum my lapse in concentration is going to cost us at a time when hefty sums are in short supply. Besides, I think the bashed up car is making other drivers keep their distance from me, which can only be a good thing!

It was inevitable that driving in Greece I would eventually have a crash. At least it was all of my own doing. Greece regularly used to come at the top of the table for annual European road fatalities but in recent years has dropped to fourth, as sign of the crisis perhaps with people driving less?

Anyway, Bubble Pop! It’s Friday!


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Hi and welcome to my blog! Thanks for stopping by. My name is Bollybutton. I'm an Asian woman that grew up in a barely anonymous South Asian country (you could probably guess it if you visit my old blog). I used to like in the UK for 10 years. In 2004, I came to Athens to volunteer at the Olympics, which is how I met my husband. Fast forward through the years and I'm still here, and that unlikely and much opposed romance turned into a marriage and a beautiful son. This blog is a tribute to the experience of trying to settle in Athens as an Asian and a foreigner. My original blog can still be found at This is the place to go for resources and where to find Asian food and ingredients in Athens, though more of the same will eventually feature on this blog. Enjoy!

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